ElectroDrives was founded in 2009 by four enthusiastic engineers that worked for many years in International Electronics S.A. (IES). Our original mission was to provide technical support to the large installed base of Slip Energy Recovery Drives (SER Drives) manufactured by IES. Since IES’s main mission was concentrated exclusively in the manufacturing side, ElectroDrives was providing a perfect fit to develop further business to IES. Following the decease of Carlos Mañueco, the owner of IES, in 2018 ElectroDrives took over the IES business and merged both companies into a new location based in Getafe, 5 km away of Madrid city border in Spain.

Currently, ElectroDrives is focused on the design, manufacture, supply and support the following electrical equipment for medium voltage (MV) Wound Rotor Induction Motors (Slip Ring Motors):

  1. Slip Energy Recovery Drive (SER Drive). ElectroDrives is the world market leader in variable speed for Slip Ring Motors, with special presence in the mining industry, providing SER Drives for SAG mills.

  2. Subsynchronous Recovery Drive (SRD). Similar to the above SER Drive, but without the ability to run hypersynchronous speed. It is mostly used in large fans and pumps.

  1. Resistance Chopper Drive (RCD). This is an alternative to the LRS for the starting of the WRIM mostly focused on dual pinion mills due to the precise torque sharing between both pinions and the good control of the accelerating torque.

  1. Liquid Resistor Starter (LRS). ElectroDrives does not manufacture LRS, but we design customizations, supply and keep partnership with the main manufacturers worldwide to supply LRS: AKA and AOIP (France), RWW Engineering (South Africa), Sumintec (Spain) and CSE-Uniserve (Australia). Most of our SER Drives installed worldwide work together with the LRSs of these five manufacturers.

Additionally, it provides Medium Voltage Softstarters and Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) for Squirrel Cage Induction Motors (SCIM) and it develops solutions for Harmonics Filtering and Reactive Power Compensation.

We have supply equipment to most of the countries worldwide and support them regularly with preventive maintenances of the above equipment (including LRS) annually or bi-annually.

One of the main value propositions to our customers is the immediate access to technical remote support. We understand that our equipment run critical applications that needs immediate support in case of any event. For this reason, we encourage direct contact of customers to our engineers so they can get immediate feedback to resolve their doubts.