Variable speed drives

ElectroDrives supplies the right solution for the starting and speed control of large motors according the application requirements taking into consideration the most cost efficient solution. When power is really large or there is an important number of systems involved, the traditional VSD may not be the right solution to ensure a reasonable return on the capital investment so a customized to application drive might be the best option. Some of the possible alternatives are:

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD, VFD or VVVF)
  • Resistance Chopper Drive (RCD)
  • Hypersynchronous / Subsychronous SER Drive
  • Slip Recovery Drive (SRD)
  • Doubly Fed Slip Recovery Drive
  • Voltage Source Inverter (VSI)
  • Current Source Inverter (CSI)
  • Load Commutated Inverter (LCI)
  • Cycloconverter

Please contact us to discuss the requirements of your application and explore the technology that best fits.