SER Drive

The Slip Energy Recovery Drive (SER Drive) is a technology well proven in the industry for large power motoring systems that allows precise motor speed control at the same time that recover the slip energy in the Wound Rotor Induction Motors (WRIM). They are also the dominant technology in wind turbines.

There are four main advantages of SER Drives compared to classical VSD systems:

  1. Redundancy. SER Drive is backed up with a starter (LRS or RCD) which allows in case of any event to bumpless transfer to the LRS/RCD. In this way the SER Drive could be isolated, inspected and repaired without stopping the motor and then it could be transfer back. All this process does not requires stopping the motor, keeping the production running.
  2. Reliability and Robustness. Our SER Drive is designed with a large safety factor in voltage, current and temperature allowing to have the largest MTBF you can find in the industry. They are also air-cooled and very easy to maintain simplifying all maintenance tasks.
  3. Efficiency. Since Slip Energy Recovery Systems only handle a small portion of the total power (typically around 15% of the motor power), they are the best option for large motors as the difference in energy consumption quickly recover the investment.
  4. Hypersynchronous speed. SER Drives are capable to run motors beyond the rated speed without loss of torque compared to a VSD that it has to reduce the torque in order to maintain the torque/frequency ratio. This brings the possibility to increase slightly the production without modifying the motor.

 Main Specifications

  • Single or dual with dual torque sharing (i.e. single pinion or dual pinion)
  • Wide operating speed range
  • Adaptive power factor correction
  • Motor power rating up to 2 x 10MW
  • ¬†IGCT and diodes semiconductors rated 4,500V
  • Air-cooled (no liquids, no cooling unit, no heat exchanger)
  • Bump-less bi-directional transfer to LRS or Chopper
  • Field communications and interface customizable