SER Drive

The Slip Energy Recovery Drive (S.E.R. Drive) is a technology well proven in the industry for large power motoring systems that allows precise motor speed control at the same time that recover the slip energy in the wound rotor induction motors (WRIM). The typical applications include SAG mill, AG mill and ball mill. Electro Drives provides two different solutions depending on the project budget and lifetime expectancy: brand new drive (Electro Drives technology) or refurbished drive (originally manufactured by International Electronics SER Drive or IES SER Drive, Toshiba SER Drive, Delairco SER Drive, CSE-Uniserve SER Drive, etc), which makes affordable variable speed control of very large motors even in applications that are intended to operate only for few years.

 Main Specifications

  • Single or dual with dual torque sharing (i.e. single pinion or dual pinion)
  • Wide operating speed range
  • Adaptive power factor correction
  • Motor power rating up to 2 x 10MW
  • ¬†IGCT and diodes semiconductors rated 4,500V
  • Air-cooled (no liquids, no cooling unit, no heat exchanger)
  • Bump-less bi-directional transfer to LRS or Chopper
  • Field communications and interface customizable