In every process where the energy is converted, there is an electrical system that enables this to happen. ElectroDrives supplies and provide services on controls, power electronics and motors/generators for large applications which allows to start and run at variable speed.


We supply and service SER Drives and LRS which are mostly used in grinding mills (SAG mills, AG mills and ball mills). The combination of SER Drives and LRS in WRIM (Wound Rotor Induction Motor) has been proven to be the most reliable solution for this critical process as it gives full redundancy of the electrical equipment.

Renewable Energy

With the development of the renewables energy plants, new technologies and possibilities have arisen. ElectroDrives provides expert technical consultation related to power electronics equipment (including energy converters, variable speed drives, etc). Our focus is to increase the reliability of the systems and the power quality generated (harmonics content in the grid, flickering, reactive power compensation, etc).

Energy storage

There are quite a broad range of technologies in development for the energy storage which includes lithium-ion battery storage, flow battery storage, ultracapacitor storage, flywheel energy storage, compress air storage, pumped hydro storage, etc. Electro Drives provides solutions for the energy conversion from and to the grid.


Large scale motoring applications requirements requires specific drive solutions. A traditional VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) may not be the right choice for large induction motors. Chopper Drives, SER Drives, Static Soft Starters are some of the options that may fit best. Typical processes include rotary kiln (cement plants), exhaust air cooling (steelworks or thermal power plants), grinding mills (concentrator plants), conveyors (mines), etc.