Liquid Resistor Starter

Following our partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of Liquid Resistors Starters (LRS), ElectroDrives is proud to supply a full package solution of motor starting and speed control for wound rotor induction motors (WRIM). ElectroDrives supplies Liquid Resistance Starters (LRS) that integrates in the operation of the SER Drive for a seamless motor control from standstill to the operating speed range.

 Main Specifications:

  • Single or dual with load sharing (i.e. single pinion or dual pinion)
  • Painted steel or Stainless steel
  • Motor Power Rating up to 2 x 10MW
  • High resistance ratio up to 150 : 1
  • Full integration of interface and bi-directional transfer with the SER Drive
  • Rugged construction, designed to last!
  • Field communications and interface customizable

Additional Options:

  • Heat exchangers to allow extra-long starting or multiple starts
  • Variable speed LRS with additional precision motor control
  • Starting torque and speed monitoring and control
  • Frozen charge protection relay